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I'm an 18 years-old Kaunas University of Technology Gymnasium graduate & Kaunas University of Technology Software Engineering (2022-2026) student from Lithuania.

During my free time, I like to master programming by creating various bigger and smaller projects (and you can find some of them below)! My programming language of choice is JavaScript, I started using it in 2020 and learned it by initially creating Discord bots, but nowadays, I'm trying to switch over to TypeScript as my primary choice for web development.



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Currently under early stages of development. A revisioned drawing game with multiplayer support, leveling system, parties and more!

Satan's Pepper

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Weirdcore genre game jam game, with the full version coming soon. 200k views on Let's play's on Youtube!

Check out Satan's Pepper

Caption It Jerma!

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GIF caption generator bot, dedicated to a content creator Jerma985.

Check out Caption It Jerma!


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Minigame bot, where you catch dropped snowflakes in channels.

Check out Snowflakes

This website! :D

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You're looking at it right now!


My timezone is UTC+03, therefore it is for me

Feel free to write me an email to hi@paulekas.eu

Check out my LinkedIn and my Github too!

You can also contact me on Discord (but this is not preferred): ghostwolf#5420